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From: az_cop_ fiction_writer
Subject: Fathers and Sons Together: Part 7Note: Please do not use this story without the permission of the author.
Themes include 14 yo lolita models
consensual intergenerational sex and incest between men and
teens of legal age. Do not proceed if these themes bother you. Comments and
suggestions welcome at az_cop_fiction_writerhotmail.com. If you want to get
my stories emailed to you directly let me know.I want to thank everyone who emailed me--I appreciate your feedback. I'm glad
you enjoy my stories. Some of you asked about other stories I've written.
Here's what's on www.nifty.org:The Cadets: Gay Male Athletics, November 11, 2002
Bear Cop: Gay Male Encounters, July 11, 2003You can also find more of my stories and stories by others at my Yahoo!
Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eroticgaycopfiction/Remember, PLAY SAFE! This is a fantasy but in real life there's stuff out
there you don't want to get. I apologize in advance for any grammatical and
spelling errors.Recap of Parts 1-6:Part 1: Max and Dan are best friends and (recent) lovers who get caught
having sex by Coach Welch and are "forced" to satisfy him and Principal Hill
every day at school. Max is surprised when his dad, the town's chief of
police, shows up and joins the fun. Max's dad takes his son's cherry ass.Part 2: Dan's wish comes true when they visit his dad at work at the Home
Depot and he loses his cherry ass to him it's double dad/son orgy.Part 3: Max and Dan learn about Fathers and Sons Together (FAST), the
worldwide organization for tiny lolita bikini pussy dad/son lovers. They find out they'll be
traveling to the private island of the FAST founders for the annual dad/son
fuckfest. The Correlli brothers, local painting contractors, join in the fun
at Dan's dad's office.Part 4: Max, his dad and Max's uncle Doug, who's visiting for Max's
graduation, have fun in the garage workshop.Part 5: Graduation day arrives and Max has a great time with his dad and
uncle then travels to Dan's house for more fun with him and his dad.Part 6: Right before the graduation ceremony Max and Dan have fun with the
coach, Principal Hill and a couple of other staff members. After the
ceremony Max and his dad visit Jake, another cop and friend of Max's dad, at
his hotel room for some hot sucking and fucking.Fathers and Sons Together
Part Seven: The Men's Graduation PartyDad and I left Jake's hotel room with the scent of fresh cum on us. The car
reeked of it by the time we got home. We left the car windows open and ran
around back to the pool and jumped in. Mom was watching us from the kitchen
window. She was laughing as we horsed around in the water. I'm sure she
chalked it up to graduation day excitement.Uncle Doug came out to the pool and joined us. He wore a little black
Speedo. His prominent bulge got my dick twitching. We huddled together to
talk and groped each other under the water. From a distance it just looked
like three men having an innocent conversation.I asked about my graduation party. Although it was supposed to be a secret,
I knew they were planning something. My dad told me to be ready at ten
o'clock that night. A limousine would come to pick me up. He told me jeans
and a tee shirt would be fine. I could only imagine what they had in store
for me!Later that day we joined the rest of the family at my favorite restaurant to
celebrate my graduation. It was great to see all my aunts, uncles and
cousins and I got lots of cards with checks in them. I sat between my
parents and every so often my dad would caress my leg getting my dick hard.
It was all I could do not to jump up on the table and beg him to fuck me. As
we ate I wondered how many other relatives we could recruit for sex. A
couple of my uncles and a bunch of my cousins were hot and I fantasized
about taking their dicks into my mouth and ass. Instead of the wine I wished
it was their cum I was sipping.After the party broke up I took a nap. I set my alarm for nine-thirty.
Shortly before ten I was sitting on the porch waiting for the limousine. Dad
and Uncle Doug were not at home. Mom told me to have a great time. She knew
if was some sort of "men only" party and would probably involve drinking. If
she only knew! I was freshly showered and shaved and ready for whatever the
night held in store. At precisely ten o'clock a long black limousine pulled
into the driveway. A giant of a man emerged from the driver's seat and met
me at the back door.He was well over six feet tall and looked like he had just stepped off the
football field. His hair was buzzed and he wore a diamond in his ear. He was
the kind of man you could curl up into and never find your way out of. He
smiled as he introduced himself; his name was Hank. His muscles were
punishing his suit and I noticed his enormous right hand when he went to
open the door.The inside of the limousine was dark but the light from our house
illuminated the back seat. I settled into the seat and Hank closed the door.
As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I spotted someone towards the front of
the limousine. Hank pulled out of the driveway and the lights inside started
to brighten. On the front seat, as naked as the day he was born, was my dad.
His legs were up in the air and leather straps attached to the roof of the
limousine kept them there. "Come fuck your old man, son," he said.I raced to the front seat and kissed my dad. "I love you so much," I told
him. A few minutes later I was pushing my tongue into my dad's hole in
preparation for fucking him for the first time.His clean musky hole drove me crazy. I drilled into him savoring the flavor
of his tight pucker. I lapped at the walls of his ass chute enjoying his
moans and the lolita nude pic 12
way he pushed back on my tongue to get more of it inside. His
dick was hard and leaking precum. I stroked it and applied some of the clear
liquid to his hole and worked it into him with my tongue. I released my hard
cock from my jeans and stroked it too.I spotted the bottle of lube on the floor and squirted some onto my dick. I
worked a glob into my dad's hole as well. I grabbed his ankles and dropped
my cock onto his hole. "Fuck me, hard, son!" he screamed. I looked into his
loving eyes and pushed hard into him. lolita nude pic 12
His ass seemed to suck my dick in. The
warm walls of my dad's ass massaged my cock as it slid deep. It was
incredible! I was fucking my dad! With my balls tight up against his hole I
reared back and pushed hard back into my dad's tight ass. Fuck, it felt so
good!As I started pounding my cock hard into his slick ass my dad reached over
and pushed a switch by the window. The partition that separated the
passengers from the driver came down. Hank caught my stare in the rearview
mirror and smiled. As he drove he kept an eye on my assault on my dad's
hole. "Fuck, yeah, drill your dad's hole," he told me. "Fuck him nice and
deep."As I fucked him my dad stroked his hard leaking cock. Sweat poured from our
bodies as we fucked. I don't know how long I drilled my dad's hole or where
Hank was driving to. I was vaguely aware that Hank had pulled his dick out
of his fly and was jerking off as he watched us and the road. Half the time
I couldn't look down at my dad because I knew the beautiful sight of my dick
inside of him would put me over the edge. Our groans echoed through out the
limousine. My dad urged me on: "yeah, fuck me, son, fuck your dad's tight
hole!"At some point the limousine stopped. I looked out and a huge door was
opening in front of us. I recognized it as a Home Depot just as Hank was
spraying the steering wheel and dashboard with his load. His head was thrown
back in ecstasy as thick long ropes of cum flew from his dick. I looked
inside the building and saw a big group of men, all naked.As Hank pulled into the lumber section of the store I recognized Dan and his
dad, Coach Welch, Principal Hill, Mr. Nelson, tiny lolita bikini pussy Mr. Cross and Uncle Doug.
There were many more men I didn't recognize. Each man was hard and as dad
told me "surprise" I filled him with my teen cum. Dad's cum erupted and
splashed onto my chest and stomach. I looked into his eyes our love and lust
for one another forever cemented.We exited the limousine and Dan and his dad were there to greet us. Dan gave
me a great kiss then started licking and eating my dad's cum from my body.
Mr. Harrison already had my dad bent over the hood of the limousine and was
eating my cum from his well-fucked hole. I smiled broadly as Dan told me he
too had just fucked his dad in a limousine. I noticed his limousine further
down the lumber aisle. A huge muscular blond in a driver's uniform sat on
the trunk slamming his dick into a hot dark-haired guy's mouth (later I
found out it was Tony Correlli!). We both agreed our dad's asses were the
best graduation gifts ever!The next six hours was a free-for-all sexfest for the record books. I have
no doubt lolita nude pic 12
that enough cum was shot to float a boat! I lolita kids photos free wish I could recall
everything that happened. I'll describe some of the events that night that I
participated in or observed.Shortly after dad and I arrived some of the guys brought out two leather
slings. They hung from metal frames by thick chains. They were positioned
side by side in the center of the aisle. As guests of honor, Dan and I got
into the slings. The coolness of the leather along with its intoxicating
smell made my dick rock hard. It was very comfortable and it exposed my hole
to the room. I felt vulnerable in it russian small lolita pics which made me even more turned on.Lines quickly formed. Dan and I looked at each other with knowing eyes. We
were going to be gangbanged and there wasn't much we could do about it. Of
course there wasn't any other place I'd rather be. Our dads got behind us
and held us as the first man in my line, Principal Hill, applied lube to his
dick. Hill's lover, Coach Welch, was doing the same at Dan's hole. The men
we sucked off all spring were finally bbs free magic lolita going to fuck us. I groaned loudly as
Hill's cock slid into me.I surrendered myself to the fuck. My head swam as the fullness of Hill's
cock inside of me triggered waves of absolute pleasure throughout my body. I
hoped Dan was feeling just as good. My dad pinched my nipples sending me
higher. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better my dad put something
under my right nostril then pinched my left one shut and told me to breathe
deep. Whatever it was smelled strange but moments later I was drifting into
bliss. Someone started sucking my cock and Hill continued to fuck me. It was
my introduction to poppers and I loved it!I was vaguely aware of Hill emptying his load into me. He was quickly
replaced by a beefy Latino with a huge uncut dick. I found out later that he
worked at the Home Depot with Dan's dad and the two of them were responsible
for the slings. Apparently they stayed after russian little lolita sex
work to make them and usually
wound up fucking each other in them. I loved his dick. Hill's cum poured
from my ass as he slammed in. It coated his dick and balls and the aroma
swirled around us. He pulled out and shot onto the guy sucking my dick. His
juice covered the guy's face. The guy was a friend of Jake's and was also a
cop. He loved cum and ate what he could of the Latino spunk before
swallowing mine.I had no time to recover. My hole was filled and Mr. Nelson, my former
history teacher, and Mr. Cross, my former guidance counselor, pushed their
dicks into my sucking mouth. I took another hit of poppers from my dad and
sucked at the precum that leaked from the two dicks. More cum shot into my
ass and a few minutes later I was eating a double load of jizz from Nelson
and Cross.I watched transfixed as man after man amateur lolita nude pics
fucked me. The Correlli brothers both
unloaded in me. Uncle Doug and Jake fucked me. Both of the limousine drivers
fucked me. The warmth of their cum radiated through me. I felt tongues
probing my hole sucking out the hot cum almost as quickly as it was pumped
into me. Men jacked off on me and I sucked more cock and swallowed more cum.
I know Dan was getting the same treatment because every so often I'd watch
as men filled him up too. I was sure we wouldn't be able to walk the next
day but I didn't care.When guys weren't fucking us or pushing their dicks in our mouths they were
fucking, sucking and rimming each other. All around us dicks were slamming
into holes and mouths. Cum was spraying everywhere. The cement floor was
painted with it. I watched as Mike Correlli fucked his brother Tony. The
painters had become sex pigs since that day in Mr. Harrison's office. My dad
told me later they were hiring guys who would suck and fuck with them during
their interviews. Apparently they had both ditched their wives and had moved
in together. Orgies were almost tiny lolita bikini pussy
a nightly occurrence at their house. I
believed it. Mike fucked Tony hard and he loved it!After a cute Asian guy had eaten his share of cum from my ass, my dad lubed
up to enter me. Just before he did half of the guys surrounded us to watch.
The other half surrounded Dan who was about to be fucked by his dad. They
passed the lube or used the sweat and cum from each other's bodies and
stroked. My dad pushed his dick into me and began a gentle fuck. The guys
watched as father and son made love.I watched my dad as he fucked the man he helped create. Whoever thought
incest was wrong never watched father and son make love. It was beautiful.
The men around us began to shoot. Warm cum rained down on me. I scooped what
I could up and fed it to myself. All in all, eleven men gave me their loads.
Dad picked up the pace and slammed me hard. His moans filled the store as he
came. He leaned down to swallow my dick. I erupted in his throat. He gulped
it down as the men cheered.That night was special to me. In many ways it was the night I became a man.
The bonds of love and lust are strong and that night I entered manhood
knowing their meanings.
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